24 marec 2012

Purple Flowers OOTD

Here’s another OOTD for you guys :))) This one was taken a long time ago during the winter, so that’s why I’m still wearing the Ugg boots. But since I found it, I said I just might share it with you now. :)))) Its just simple, casual outfit to hang out with your friend, for school or for whatever you wanna do. :)))

Top - Primark
Shorts - H & M
Belt - H & M 
Tights - Primark
Ring - Top Shop
Bracelets - Primark

So that was it. Simple, casual and cute. :)))

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

22 marec 2012

Kids go hard this days ... SWAG ! ...

... Not that they don’t look adorable allready, but on top of that they are rockin’ their swag on point :)))) Of course we have to give props to their parents who dressed them that way, but still not all kids could pull out the attitude with it :))) ... You probably saw some of them allready, but I just couldn’t resist to make a post about them, ... 
So cute ! 

Ok. Ok. Enough cuteness for today. :))))

... Stay kind, love one another and be grateful for each and every moment in your life and for people who are there with you.

Till next time, 
Yours Cherry Blossom

19 marec 2012

Proper English style OOTD

OMGGG :)))) yeeey, I’m finally back, I know.... It’s been for ages, ... like seriously so happy to be back in my routine now, I’m never ever leavin you guys again. I promise ! 
So here is the outfit of the day, I had to jumps to get some errands done and unplanned met my friends at the store ( and they say London is big, :))) like no it’s not :))) hihi ), so we went for a lunch and a bit around the central. 

This was inspired by the girls in London, everytime I dress like this I feel like proper born and raised English girl, except they would probably wear this outfit with some Creepers or some Chelsea boots and for more dressed up or evening look, some Litas heels,... but since I don’t prefer any of that, I just rocked my boots :)))

Blazer - Pull & Bear
Shirt - Top Shop
Necklace - Accessories
Ring - Primark or Camden market, don’t remember really :)))
Leggings - Primark
Belt - H & M 
Boots - Some side store :) 
Till next time, 
Yours Cherry Blossom