11 september 2011

Tutorial : High French Bun

Here it is, finally :)))) So since I got so many compliments and requests to do a tutorial on a hair style from my  Go To School OOTD ( if you didn’t see it -> click here ) , I did it.  :))) I would post it earlier but, it took me a while to see how I will film it, just so you can see better and easier. I hope you can now :)))

I hope you like it and if you try it, please leave a picture or a video in comments below I would really like to see it, how you did. :)))) 

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

4 komentarji:

.sparkle* pravi ...

ooo, ful mi je všeč :) bom definitivno sprobala in če mi uspe, bom pofotkala in pokazala :P

With love, Ana. pravi ...

Fajn frizura in tud paše ti zelo <3

ooCherryBlossom pravi ...

@ .sparkle* : no super, le sprobaj, sliikce pa le pokazi :))) ne glede kako izpade :)

@ With love, Ana : Hvalaaa :))) <3

sandryca pravi ...

res ti paše tale frizurca..vredno sporbati :)