17 avgust 2011

Will you marry me ? ...

Recently I started wearing rings again, well I always wore them thou, but usually at the end I always picked the same ring. Now i had fallen in love all over again with all my rings and if I could I would wear all of them at the same time :))) It just completes the outfit and pulls it together for the perfect finish look. :P
So here are my babies :

So this were my babies. Most of them are from Top Shop, Primark, H&M and few of them are from vintage markets. Which one is your favorite? Do you prefer rings or bracelets? Comment below, you can even post your collection, i would love to see it :)))) 

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

2 komentarja:

With love, Ana. pravi ...

Uff krasna kolekcija!

Špeli pravi ...

Uf veliko prstančkov :) V 2 od spodaj so ta pravi zame :)

Lep pozdravček

PS: Se mi zdiš pa nekam znana :)