25 avgust 2011

Tutorial : Side French Braid With a Twist ...

So every time i go somewhere and i’m wearing this my-kinda-way of a side french braid, i get so many complements, positive reviews and questions how do i do it, that i decided  i just have to do a tutorial on it. ...So all of you can try it out as well :)))) Yeeeey :P So here it is, some pictures and tutorial in a video, wup wup steppin up. lool :D

Well this is it, simply and plain, but turns a lot of heads around. :))) Maybe it’s not gonna be showable on dark hair as  good as on light but still you can try it. ... ouuu and yeah, thx to everybody for nice comments on OOTD and for the hair-style of the high bun, i’ll do a tutorial on that one too, just have to figure it out how to shoot it, so you will be able to see it proper :)))) Soon, i promise :P 
Till next time, 
Yours Cherry Blossom

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