11 avgust 2011

Go to school OOTD ...

Hi guys ! :) Here is my another outfit of the day for University. I needed something pretty, simple and comfortable, since i was sitting all day. :))) You could wear this as an evening outfit as well, just change the bag for a clutch and do a bit more smoky-eye and add statement necklace or earring. One or another, not both. :)))) So here it is :

Blazer - Pull and Bear
Jumper - New Yorker
Heels - Primark
Bag- D & G
Ring - Top Shop
Earrings - I don't know :P I think they are from Six
Bracelet - My friend Živa, brought it for me as a gift from Greece :) 

I hope you like it. :) More outfits of the day coming soon. :)))

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

4 komentarji:

sandryca pravi ...

love it :)

ooCherryBlossom pravi ...

Hvala ;)

Summer pravi ...

Ful lep outfit in noro hudi čevlji <3 Pa res mi je všeč tvoja figa! :)

ooCherryBlossom pravi ...

Hvala,hvala :)) Tutorial za figico pride kmalu :)))