02 julij 2011

Laughter makes life prettier ...

Well you know the days, when you feel sad or hurt or everything is going wrong, ... or the days you just wanna be alone and do nothing. ... Or even the opposite when you feel really happy or excited about something or you have some spare time and you don’t know what to do. :) Well in that case, I check my favorite youtube links, they always make me feel better and put me in a better mode. This are the videos which make me smile and make my worries go away, even if it’s just for a little bit. :))) Here are some of them and i hope they will make you smile as they make me....

These are my favorite kids, i'm in ♡ with them ...
Smarty pants dance, smarty pants dance : 
This one is an all timer, this kid makes me laugh every time I watch it :
Haha, Pete Wiggins is the most adorable kid, you just have to laugh when you see him :

This one is probably my favorite of them all, i love this kid and his cheeks, so cute :

This kid is going to be a story teller, I just know so :)))) : 

Look at her eyes and smile, amazing... I just wanna squeeze her, aaa she is so cute :

I'm in love with this commercial, this kid is so adorable : 

Whatcha you talkin bout Willis ? :P  : 

LOOOOL, this kid make me smile, every time I watch it, I know what he is going to say, but still every time I watch it is hilarious, maybe because of Ellen as well : 

This next 2 are from my favorite movie Sister's Act 2, i love this movie. I remember when, we still use cassettes and you had to rewind the tape to see your favorite part again. :)))
... but MY ALL TIME FAVORITE is definitely this one. 

Nowwwwww, waaaaaaaait a minuteeeee :))) :

Last but not least it has to be this one, it is just so powerful.... I don't know, just brings a smile out of you, no matter in what kind of mood you are. Such a nice thought :

So, this are few of my favorite clips, that makes me feel better and brings a daily dose of laughter in my life. I hope while watching this clips, you laugh and I was able to brought a bit of this laughter in your life. We should all try to smile every day as much as possible. It makes life just easier and more fun. :))) So which are yours favorite ? Do you have any ? Share them with me, i would love to watch them, :P ...

Till next time,
Your Cherry Blossom

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