27 julij 2011

Beauty Haul ...

In the last few weeks i bought some make-up and beauty related stuff, so i decided just to make a collective haul for you guys. I am loving each and every product i bought. This was a really good deal. For some i think i am just gonna go back to the store and buy a reload since i don’t want to be a day without. :)))) So here are the products: 

Few new eye shadows : Sleek palette primer, Famous triple palette and MUA eye shadow. The one i like the most is Famous triple palette. The colors are so intense, amazing. :))

Here are some new face and body products : Translucent face powder Calvin Klein, Face & Body- Shimmer & Glow Bronzer and the body product from Victoria’s Secret Refreshing Body Mist in flavour Casaba Melon,Plum and Freesia. It smells delicious, i just wanna eat it. Incredible :))) 

Next triple is all over the face :)) : MUA lipstick in pink, Gel eye liner in deep black and mascara for maximum definition and volume with a flexible brush. OMG, like i am in love with this mascara but more about it in July favorites, so stay tune :)))) 

The last but not least : The eye liner brush, The fluffy blending brush and my new favorite parfume All The Gold In The World from Next. In love with the smells. :)))

This was a sneak pick from my new beauty haul. Don’t feel bad to spoil yourself. :)) It’s a good thing. Enjoy it. Go shop. :))) 
Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

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