23 junij 2011

L.A. Colors ...

So I was in the shopping mall the other day and I was passing by one of the drugstores, I’m sorry I forgot the name of it :), but when I was passing by their window display, they had a new wide collection of L.A. Colors nail polishes and I instantly fell in love. They were gorgeous !!! :))) Went it and OMG the wade range of colors they have, amazing. I just couldn’t decide which one to take. So there was some special offer, since they were promoting the new brand, so I was pleased even more. :))) I said, the first 10 colors to pop in my eyes, I’m taking. I have to say I’m an O.P.I. fan, but this ones are so good, maybe even better than O.P.I., I was so surprised. They don’t chip, they dry fast, they stay on for a long time and I just love the colors.
 So here they are :

Fiji Purple

Perfect Sunset



Metallic Green

Glistening Purple


Treasure Island

Vibrant Violet

Jewel Tone

I am really happy with my purchase, since I'm in loveee with all the colors. Perfect for summer time and I already know I'm going back to get some more. :)))

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

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With love, Ana. pravi ...

Ooo super lakci in lepi odtenki ;)

.sparkle* pravi ...

^^se strinjam :) super lakci...ful mi je všeč Lightning, Glistening Purple in Perfect Sunset <3