16 junij 2011

I'm backkkkk ....

Yeahhhh, finally i can breath again. I’m back. I know it was a while since i last posted but i promise from now on it will be more regular, since a lot of things happened and i cant wait to share it with you guys.
The first exciting news is that i moved to London :))))) I know, right :)))) So because of the move and everything, looking for the apartment, not having internet, it was really hard to be here. But now i fixed and have everything, so i can share my experience with you guys.
The second big news is that i was excepted to University of Arts - London college of Fashion. I am so happy and honored to go to this school. I already learned so much not just from school but from life here generally, that my dreams are really coming true. 
The only big and main thing i have to say here is, don’t stop believing in your dreams, even if others tell you to. People are jealous and envy of success of others. So don’t care about it! You know what are you capable of and even then you should try better. Don’t ever believe you are not good enough for something, because you are better! If you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying. You will get there, maybe not by the path you thought, but definitely more roads lead to success, if only you try.... So follow your dreams and don’t stop believing in yourself. 

So these were some pictures from London, My school and the view from it on Oxford street and me :)))) with the famous Big Ben at the background and of course the red phoneboot.

Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

3 komentarji:

With love, Ana. pravi ...

Jooooj kok sem ti fauš. Kdaj lahk pridem na obisk? hehe :D

ooCherryBlossom pravi ...

obiski so vsekakor dobrodosli :)))) hihi xoxo

With love, Ana. pravi ...

Joooj, boljše da nazaj vzameš, če ne me boš kmalu imela na kavču :D hehe