03 marec 2011

A tattoo shop with some randomness ...

So last week I went with my honey bunny Iza, to a tattoo shop :)))) Wuhuuu, so exciting! She was getting a new tattoo. She decided to honor the love between her and her boyfriend and seal it permanently. The tattoo is so so cute, its an I and J connected through heart. I and J are their initials. When I see them together, they give me hope that true love still exist. ♥ ... Anyways, here are some pictures from a tattoo shop :P 

And now some random stuff I got and i just wanted to share it with you guys, because i’m so in love with them :))) The make-up palette is from H&M and have such a lovely pigmented colors. I just love them, just wore the turquoise light and dark with a little bit of black in the outer V today and it came out amazing.

Next thing is a elegant necklace with an elephant at the end. I think the elephant gives a little bit of a twist and the detailing is so nice. :)) 

Also i got some new heels, because i always say you never have enough shoes :)))) They were so cute in the store, they were just calling my name to buy them. So i did. What did i suppose to do, right :P  

Last but not least, i got a new tripad for my camera and video. It was so cute, practical and girly. Pink positive of course :)))) Isn’t it cute ? ... 

The really last thing i just wanted to show you guys, is how cute is my dog, when he eats chips :)))) Yes, i know he shouldn’t eat that and he just eat few of them. I really love my dog, so don’t worry he gets the best care, what is possible. ♥

So, this is it about my randomness, i hope you enjoyed the pictures :)) Don’t forget soon, but really soon I’ll have my first giveaway, so don’t forget to follow and share the blog with others :))) 
Thank you and be safe,
Yours Cherry Blossom

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