09 marec 2011

Sleek palettes Haul ...

So for a really long time now I wanted to own a sleek palette and that was never possible. Or they did not ship to my country or the shipping was really expensive. So because of that i was really sad,... but now thanks to facebook, i found one website called www.mojadrogerija.si and they are selling sleek palettes and they are from my country. :))) I was so excited. So I went online around 1o.oo pm, fill up my basket with 3 sleek palettes : The Original, The Sunset and The Storm and press check out. The thought that i will soon have my very own Sleek palettes was amazing... :))))) 
And let me tell you something, wauuuu they were really nice to me, such a cool company. Not even that they delivered palettes to me, the very next day, they even gave me a free fourth palette : The Chaos as a gift from them. :)))) I was so happy. So instead of 3 palettes like I expected to get, i got four. :)) wiiiii.... You should go check their website. They have some other cool stuff too. 
Ouuu and one more thing, No they are not paying me to say this, just to make it clear. I just really like it. :)

OMG, the packaging is freaking amazing, don’t you think ? I am really in love with the packaging. It’s so cuteeee and sexy at the same time. Just love it. ♥

The Original 594 :

The Sunset 568 :

The Storm 578 :

The Chaos 577 : 

So all of the palettes are really pigmented, mineral based and one eyeshadow is about the size of a 10 cents coin. All palettes have a big mirror on top inside of course :) and the name at the back of the palette since all of the palettes look a like at the front. :))) The only think I miss are the names of eyeshadows like Mac or Nyx cosmetics has it. But otherwise they are super dope and I am obviously in love with them :)))  
Which one is your favorite ? Do you have any favorite sites to shop for make-up ? Please share it with me, I would like to know :)))) Leave it in the comments below. 
Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

3 komentarji:

TiMod'Elle pravi ...

im fan of sleek, did not had the chance to buy the circut palet here in france

.sparkle* pravi ...

Najbolj sta mi všeč Storm in Original :) upam da bo v kratkem vsaj ena od teh moja!


Mancina pravi ...

Jaaa js sm tut navdušena nad Sleekom! <3