12 februar 2011

Tutorial : How to make your own Brush holder

After a month a finally managed to get time and take my camera to repair shop. So at the end i bought myself a new camera :)) . So yes, now i can finally go back to blogging and posting pictures for you guys. Today i prepared my first tutorial and i am so excited about it. The story behind it is that i had all my brushes stuffed together in a jar and in a while everything started to become really crowded. So i wanted to buy myself a brush holder, but the cute ones from USA weren’t shipped worldwide. I was so sad, so i decided just to make myself my own unique brush holder. And there it is. :))) Isn’t it cute?
Let’s get started, right ...
First things you will be needing :
- a box ( i took one from shoes :) ) 
- decor color sand ( 4x packs - depends how big is the box ) 
- scissors
- black wide tape
- black narrow tape
- a regular tape 
- wrapping paper

Take your box and take the top of the box down and put it a way for now. Take your wrapping paper and lay the box on in. Measure how wide is the box and make a cut lengthways. After your done take the regular tape and tape the wrapping paper on the box. Repeat the progress again if its necessary to go around the box. 

After you are done with wrapping paper around the box. Take your top of the box and the wide black tape. Tape it all around the top, but leave a bit of upper part of the tape, so you will be able to twist it inside of the top of the box. Take the box and put the top of the box under the box. So on the opposite side you would usually put it. :)) Then take the black narrow tape and tape the upper part of the box, just to hide the edge of the box. And it looks nicer. :) Again leave a bit of upper part of the tape, so you will be able to twist it inside the box.

You are almost done. :)) Now take the decor color sand and pour it into the box. I needed for my box four of them. So you will see, how big is your box so just adjust the sand to your box. But don’t fill it till the top, leave a bit of space. After this just fill the box with your brushes and you are done. You have made your own unique brush holder. Isn’t this so exciting. :))

I have one more surprise for you guys. :)) Wuhuuu, so i am proud to say that soon i will have my first giveaway. Not going to tell you what the price will be but everything you will have to do is that you subscribe to this blog and share it or on facebook, twitter or other sites. But more about the giveaway next time. Now i will leave you with your new brush holder and just wish you a good night sleep. 
Take care,
Yours Cherry Blossom

3 komentarji:

Henar pravi ...

Aww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


Mancina pravi ...

uf tole pa res super zgleda! mogoče si tut sama kj podobnega omislim =)

ooCherryBlossom pravi ...

Thank you :)), if you do your own, post it, ... let me see it, i would really loved to :))) xoxo Cherry Blossom