27 december 2010

Pink Deluxe Line ...

So few weeks ago I came across one adorable line of make-up products from the Beauty Line, it was actually their Deluxe Line limited edition and I just had to had it. It sold out pretty quickly, but I managed to snich some last products. :))) The packaging is so cute, just love it :P I got some eye shadows, lipsticks, maskare, lipgloss and only one nail polish, but it is pink :)) 

Isn’t it adorable ? :)))) I am so in love with the packaging, honestly maybe even more than products themselfs. I would put them on a scale somewhere between O.k. and Good,but the packaging on to the scale of awesome :)))
I know I haven't posted in a while now, but thx to the holidays I was able to do stuff which I love the most and that is traveling and shopping :))) ... and yes, I did brought my camera with me. How do you think I would ever forget about you guys ? So I got a lot of material for the future posts... just ready to go. 

So stay beautiful and late merry christmas to everybody :)))
Till next time,
Cherry Blossom

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