15 november 2010

Favorites of the month October ...

So I know I am kinda late for the favorites of the month, but I am gonna do it anyway. The reason why am I doin the favorites so far in November is because I bought some products at the end of the October and I immediately fall in love with them, but still I wanted to try them out before I can stand 100% behind it. And yes they made it into favorites. I just love them and I am using them everyday since then. So lets get started with the favorites. First we’ll start with beauty products.
This item is not only favorite of the month, but I love it for quite a while now. It is L’oreal Dermo-Expertise Demaq expert make-up remover.I know it’s a long name, but it does his job indeed. Removes all the make-up easily and leaves my skin moisturized and fresh.

With the next item I immediately fell in love at the first try-out. And I still think it’s pretty awesome. It’s L’oreal Roll’ on true match foundation. I lovee, love, love it. It became my No. #1 foundation of all times. That how much I love it. It makes my skin flawless and perfect, lasts all day, and its not even heavy. 

So I was never so much into nail polishers and pictures on the nail and so on. I always just loved black or red nail polisher or the regular French manicure. But few months ago I started to buy some different colors and I just fell in love with all the colors I bought. I will just show u guys two colors, but I really like all of them. I still like simple red or black, but know I am trying to be more open to new colors on my nails. And its workin, I am fallin in love. :)))

Lets carry on with some fashion favorites of the month. 
First of all is my new bag, which I bought for myself as a birthday gift, which I had in October. Ever since I bought it, I am wearing it a lot. Just love the shape and how cute it is. Especially the studs and detailing on it, the zippers, small-perfect handles, which fit me perfectly on the arm :))) and the size is perfect too. Ammm it’s about the size of a original Louis Vuitton bag. Just that you can imagine how big it is. :)

Next item are shoes :))) I am a huge fan of shoes, I love high heels and sneakers. Can have enough of it. But in this month favorites are the lovely high hells which I bought in London. They are super confy and I am just seeing it now, I am really in studs right now. I am buying a lot of things with studs. :)))) Already here I have the bag and the shoes with studs. So yeah, anyways they are really super confy and I just love the bow at the back at the shoes and how are they cut out.

The last fashion item is an accessories and it is a neckless. Red flawless flower with a gold chain. Just love the combination. I know, I know I said I love a lot of of times, but that’s way they made it favorites of the month, because I just love them. :)))

And for the last part some random things, which made it into favorites. First my top 3 shows which I am obsessed with are : One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and The Vampire diaries. 

One Tree Hill, I love because it reminds me of my childhood and the good time. I started watching it in primary school and I it is growing with me. And also the funny part is that through One Tree Hill I met one of my dearest friends Lucy, its a long story but I am just gonna say that I am really glad that I watched it, because now I have her in my life and One Tree Hill I have to thank to. Ouuuu and of course I am so team Brooke. :P

Gossip Girl .... who doesn’t like fashion, money and parties. I don’t think I know the person. Don’t have the big story behind it, just like the show. And yes I am team Chuck Bass. He is my man. Most deff. Who is your favorite ? 

And the last but not least is The Vampire Diaries. If you liked the Twilight movies, you will love The Vampire Diaries. First of all Stephen is so much more sexier than Edward, second of all this one goes out for you guys, Elena is so much hotter than Bella and third of all is they have a witch. :) and of course I am on the team Bonny. Just love her. Best character ever. 

This is it about shows, the only thing left is this. I am not a big fan of the Glee show, but this clip just took my heart. It is so kind, thoughtful and perfect. It is worth watching it. I get goose bumps everytime I watch it. It makes you think about life.

So this is about the favorites of the month. What are your favorites of the month or with what products/items are you obsessed, leave it in the comment below or as video responds, what you prefer. I would really love to know what are your favorites. :))))
Take care, 
Till next time
Cherry Blossom

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