07 oktober 2010

Rainy day with a cake ...

Yesterday was a rainy day all day. But I decided to take advantage of it and I cleaned my beauty part of a room. All my hair and make-up products. So while I was cleanin, I kinda noticed that I don’t have any free space in my storage box or containers. So I got dressed and went to Bauhaus :) ... this is the place where I buy all my supply :) and I had the enormous luck, because I’ve got the last 2 boxes, I was so happy.  After I was done with Bauhaus, I went to the store because it was my brother’s birthday and I decided to surprise him with his favorite cake. Bought all the supplies and went home. Then like the strongest rain caught me and I was soaking wet. Awful. But anyways came home, built my new 2 storage boxes and went to secretly bake a cake :))))) Had so much fun. :)


Bauhaus shelfs

Got 2 of this kind :)

This is the before and after, this much of storage boxes I already had so I top it of with one more at each side. 

This is the finished look. You see a little bit of my earrings palette, but I will show you this some other time. How much I have them and how do I organize them. :)

And this is obviously the inside look .

This is the cake I've made for my brother. 


He was so happy because of the cake. That made me happy. So after all, it was a lovely day even if it rained. So guys no matter what kind of weather it is outside, you should always pull the best of it and try to make it work for you and for people you love. This kind of moments matters. Remember that .
Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

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