12 oktober 2010

My birthday surprise ...

On 9. October 1987 around 15.30 pm i think, i came weeping out on this world. So yes, that means 3 day ago I was proud to say that I was celebrating my 23 birthday and I had a blast. I am so thankful that i have some amazing friends and that they made my day so special, that I won’t forget it forever. But I will say this they should be prepared for what I will come up for their birthdays. :) 
So for the past 9 years now, for my birthday before any celebration or anything else I go to church and light up some candles to honour my grandparents. I really loved them and miss them. After that my dear friend Lucy picked me up and we went to the Zoo. :))) I really wanted to go to the Zoo, but i knew nobody would go with me and I saw my b-day the best opportunity to make someone to come with me :)) i knew they won’t say no, it’s my birthday, right ? :)
Here are so pictures from the Zoo :) 

This next 3 are so funny, i capture them in a really awkward position :))) so funny :)

So we walked around, laugh, talked, take pictures and had fun, but she was like we had to be done till 15.30 pm because i have a surprise for you. 
Ouuuuu i hate the surprises, never know what to expect. So the hole way to the surprise, I tortured Lucy to tell me what it is, but she was awesome with keeping it a secret. So we came in front of gym center and i didn’t had a clue why i will have to do here. We came in and some lady came to us, take me to a room and i saw a massage room. I was so happy and surprised. A lovely surprise. So I had my massage, came out and of course the surprise wasn’t over. 

She blind folded me and took me to the car, took my fold down and there we my other great friends Manja and Nika. I was extremely happy to see them. They put me into a car and start driving. It was a 20 minut drive and i still didn’t know where are we going. Finally we were there and it was amazing. They took me to out close lake Zbilje. It was super nice. Loved it. We had a drink, talked a lil bit and went home to prepare for night out. The night out was even more crazier than the day. The surprises weren’t over, they brought even more people, that I wasn’t expecting. The only thing I can say again is that I had an amazing birthday which i will never forget and that I am really happy for this kind of friend I have in my life. 
Thank you, girls :*

I know this post is kinda long, but I just had to share it with you guys and thank my girls properly. And of course thank you for the gifts, they are awesome and super me. Thank you. I hope you had as much fun as I had and that we will repeat it soon. 

Till next time,
Cherry Blossom

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Lucija pravi ...

Love it :) :***
...all this..cuz we love u so much!
dont ever forget that..