29 oktober 2010

Beauty and accessories haul ...

So this week was so hectic, I didn't had time to do anything. But on Sunday I took some time to get some beauty supplies and some new accessories for myself. For few weeks now I wanna try out the new roll on perfect foundation coverage from Loreal and I finally find time to do so. It is amazing. So perfect for my skin, it makes it really smooth and flawless. I would really recommend it, my make-up last through hole day without any retouches. Some new eye shadows in lovely brown shades, perfect for this time a year. Also I’m in love with my new cleaning brush, it’s so soft and smooth, just awesome. Every once a week I put some face mask packs on so i bought some new flavours one with gold and second with papaya-pineapple-kiwi. I also had to buy a new Nivea cream, because I’m running out of my last one. Since I was a kid, I am using the Nivea cream for my face and I think it’s the best, I use it before I apply my foundation and sometimes before I go to sleep. I also bought some new nail polishes, lovely colors, there are not all for Autumn/Winter collection but I just loved the colors and I had to buy them :))).

And here are some Accessories I bought at Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins. I’m just in love with my new necklace. It is so adorable and feminine. The rings are just big statement pieces that they can pull the hole outfit together. They are nice, big and special. Just like I love it :). And of course the tank top. I love it because you can wear it casual on leggings or you can dress it up and include it in some perfect night out outfit. Love the print on socks. Just had to have them. 

Ouuuu and let me tell you something. So because of my everyday straightening and curling my hair, they are really damaged, so I saw this commercial that can nutrition and repair it with cashmere, I decided to try it out and switch the brand from Loreal Elvive to this new Schwarzkopf Gliss cure for my hair. So I’m not going to say anything now, but I will do a review after a month or so and tell you is it really that good as the commercial says it is. :)) Yeah and I bought everything from the line : the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. So lets try it out. :))

So that is about it. I'm really sorry that took me that much from my last blog to do a new post, but I promise I'll do a new one soon. :))) Tonight I'm going to see the world-premiere of Saw 3D and I can't wait. I am a huge fan of Saw movies and I hope this one is going to be as good as previews ones. Maybe I'll do a review on this to. Let me know in comments below if you would like to see me do that.
Till next time,
Yours Cherry Blossom

17 oktober 2010

Fashion and film ...

So on Thursday night i was invited to the fashion show from my lovely friend Miss Nina Šušnjara. The show was in a garage of our biggest stadium and it looked perfect. And of course as expected the show was incredible. Colors were mainly peachy, gold, orange, silver and black. Hair styles and make-up were special and amazing. It was seen that a lot of though was put in everything. A lot of strong pieces, but the most important part that they are all wearable, one or another wear. You don’t have to put all the pieces from the runway together, but each piece is a special statement. O.k. some pieces are not for the streets, but most definitely are stage pieces and as I know and also adore Nina’s work as most of slovenian artists, I am sure they are gonna vanish quick as hell :)))

This is our talented, gorgeous Nina. You did an amazing job sweety, have to say. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Don't ever stop doing what you love, because we have your back and we will support you :)

Model before and after with hard work of hair stylists came out with a interesting hair style.

The back stage movement and of course some runway pictures for you guys. 

Nina at the end with all here models. And here is some video action from the show :)) What would you do without me :))) 

video video

Next day after the runway, I haded down the cost were I attended the european film festival of mediterranean film. Saw some good film, and some was even in 3D. That was exciting, because it was my first time seeing a film in 3D. I felt a bit nausea, but after my eyes adjust, I was fine. After all the movie was o.k., but I have to say I saw a trailer for Saw  3D and I can’t wait to movie come out. :))) Such fan of jigsaw, do you wanna play a game ? :P

I will leave you with a quote from Oprah Winfrey : " The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. " , which is one of my favorite quotes. Just have to love it. <3

Till next time, 
Cherry Blossom

12 oktober 2010

My birthday surprise ...

On 9. October 1987 around 15.30 pm i think, i came weeping out on this world. So yes, that means 3 day ago I was proud to say that I was celebrating my 23 birthday and I had a blast. I am so thankful that i have some amazing friends and that they made my day so special, that I won’t forget it forever. But I will say this they should be prepared for what I will come up for their birthdays. :) 
So for the past 9 years now, for my birthday before any celebration or anything else I go to church and light up some candles to honour my grandparents. I really loved them and miss them. After that my dear friend Lucy picked me up and we went to the Zoo. :))) I really wanted to go to the Zoo, but i knew nobody would go with me and I saw my b-day the best opportunity to make someone to come with me :)) i knew they won’t say no, it’s my birthday, right ? :)
Here are so pictures from the Zoo :) 

This next 3 are so funny, i capture them in a really awkward position :))) so funny :)

So we walked around, laugh, talked, take pictures and had fun, but she was like we had to be done till 15.30 pm because i have a surprise for you. 
Ouuuuu i hate the surprises, never know what to expect. So the hole way to the surprise, I tortured Lucy to tell me what it is, but she was awesome with keeping it a secret. So we came in front of gym center and i didn’t had a clue why i will have to do here. We came in and some lady came to us, take me to a room and i saw a massage room. I was so happy and surprised. A lovely surprise. So I had my massage, came out and of course the surprise wasn’t over. 

She blind folded me and took me to the car, took my fold down and there we my other great friends Manja and Nika. I was extremely happy to see them. They put me into a car and start driving. It was a 20 minut drive and i still didn’t know where are we going. Finally we were there and it was amazing. They took me to out close lake Zbilje. It was super nice. Loved it. We had a drink, talked a lil bit and went home to prepare for night out. The night out was even more crazier than the day. The surprises weren’t over, they brought even more people, that I wasn’t expecting. The only thing I can say again is that I had an amazing birthday which i will never forget and that I am really happy for this kind of friend I have in my life. 
Thank you, girls :*

I know this post is kinda long, but I just had to share it with you guys and thank my girls properly. And of course thank you for the gifts, they are awesome and super me. Thank you. I hope you had as much fun as I had and that we will repeat it soon. 

Till next time,
Cherry Blossom