27 september 2010

Weekend in Budapest, Hungary ...

So this weekend I had to go to Budapest, Hungary, because I had a meeting there. Of course I took my camera with me, that I can share it with you guys later. So I went on Friday morning and came home yesterday. :)) It was amazing ! I had the opportunity to stay in Hilton hotel which is perfect. It was my first time and i can say I was speechless. They were so nice to me there, I just wanna go back ;))) 

This was the view from outside of a hotel, at night ...

... So first of all, I came there and of course checked in, then I’ve got my pink hilton room key, immediately i thought of Paris, she and her pink color :) really, lets put it everywhere ? But it was so  adorable anyways, I'm a girl, I like pink :P ...

... I went up in the third floor where was my room, opened the door and stepped into haven :P It was amazing, lovely, awesome :))) Here is the lobby, my room and the restaurant where we eat. :) ... and don't let me start about the meals they have there, mhmmm mhhmm mhmmm, you could eat everything with the place, it was so good ! 

The bed was so soft, so comfy, like I was sleeping on the clouds, I’m serious. I wanted to take the hole bed home with me, that soft it was. 

But the best thing from the trip it was the one and only Starbuck. I Starbuck ! I'm so so sad that in our country, we don't have it. So this weekend I had it for my breakfast, lunch and dinner :)) Just can't get enough of it. SO TASTY !!! :P

After all, I had to come back, because weekend ended and it was a wake up call to reality. But it was an awesome trip and I hope something good will come out of it :)) but about that, some other time. What was your best trip, you ever had ? Where were you, what did you do ? I wanna know, leave the comment below and let me know, 
Till next time be good,
Cherry Blossom

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