17 september 2010

MTV Music Awards in all dazzle ( Men part ) ...

... so few days ago were eagerly-awaited  MTV Music Award and of course with that comes also the red carpet and the fashion glamour. Loved how instead of a red carpet was the white carpet. Out with the old and in with the new trends. :) 
Here are my thoughts of styles from the carpet. This year was really easy to separate stars with taste and those who lack it. Some good, some bad and some awful ;) 
Let’s do the fellows first, to relax our eyes a bit, but we’ll start with the ones who has to work a little bit more on there style to make it perfect :) 

                        Akon                                          Drake                                             Jay Sean

Akon : Don’t have problem with the style, everything fits together but he is always in black, he should try to step out of his safe zone and add some colors to his wardrobe or add some suits. I would love to see Akon in suit, i think he would look so great, wouldn’t he ?
Drake : New Canadian star, don’t have any problems with his style, unless with the shoes. What was he thinkin ? Pink tassels, really ? Drake, some stuff are for ladies only, this would include pink tassels, sorry bro.
Jay Sean : I’m just gonna say, ... sweety lose the silk scarf, you are not doin anything good to anybody.

Now lets do the perfect men, they know what to wear or they have a really good stylists ;)

                 Jesse Williams                               Justin Bieber                                 B.o.B.
Jesse Williams : He is not that famous, but he really does look fine, hmmm :P .... Those eyes, that figure, the arms ammm yup i'm lost :P, what we were talkin about, oh yeah his style is also pitch perfect, nice job Jesse. 
Justin Bieber : Lovely cute little guy, allready a heart broker ;) Even his style is awsome, have to say, he impressed me in everyway. Team JB it is, do you agree ? 
B.O.B : Love the colors which he used. It makes him even nicer as he is. Also love how he is casual but at the same time really dressy.

... But the winner is our sexy Trey. 

He deserve the winner spot, not just because he rocked the outfit on the carpet, but also because he has really great style and know what fits him well and which outfits he has to avoid. 

So this is it for now, don’t worry i didn’t forget about the ladies... they are comin soon. :))) Have to arrange pictures together, i promise is gonna be soon ;)
Till then,
Yours Cherry Blossom

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Love the Music Awards, life goal: to attend the show (or VMA's or any other MTV awards) before dieing :)