14 september 2010

The feeling of Unknown ...

... Starting a new fresh chapter in my life, gonna leave the past behind and gonna go towards new and exciting adventures. Everyday is special and you have to live it like its your last. No regrets. I am really glad I’m gonna be able to take you with me on this new journey I’m takin. Of course it’s gonna be full of fashion tips, outfits of the day, halls, make-up and hair tips and everything else what i love and admire. 

Now I'm gonna leave you with this picture, because this is the place where I’m sitting at this exact moment and tryin to write my first entry of a new blog.

Till next time, 

Yours Cherry Blossom

2 komentarja:

Natasa pravi ...

Dasa, gret blog! I totaly agree with you, most this outfits of the "stars" are just really bad, they sould really do it better..But I really like the Chiara look and Ashley Green is tops :)

pizzaburek pravi ...

Very nice picture... where is summer;)