27 september 2010

Weekend in Budapest, Hungary ...

So this weekend I had to go to Budapest, Hungary, because I had a meeting there. Of course I took my camera with me, that I can share it with you guys later. So I went on Friday morning and came home yesterday. :)) It was amazing ! I had the opportunity to stay in Hilton hotel which is perfect. It was my first time and i can say I was speechless. They were so nice to me there, I just wanna go back ;))) 

This was the view from outside of a hotel, at night ...

... So first of all, I came there and of course checked in, then I’ve got my pink hilton room key, immediately i thought of Paris, she and her pink color :) really, lets put it everywhere ? But it was so  adorable anyways, I'm a girl, I like pink :P ...

... I went up in the third floor where was my room, opened the door and stepped into haven :P It was amazing, lovely, awesome :))) Here is the lobby, my room and the restaurant where we eat. :) ... and don't let me start about the meals they have there, mhmmm mhhmm mhmmm, you could eat everything with the place, it was so good ! 

The bed was so soft, so comfy, like I was sleeping on the clouds, I’m serious. I wanted to take the hole bed home with me, that soft it was. 

But the best thing from the trip it was the one and only Starbuck. I Starbuck ! I'm so so sad that in our country, we don't have it. So this weekend I had it for my breakfast, lunch and dinner :)) Just can't get enough of it. SO TASTY !!! :P

After all, I had to come back, because weekend ended and it was a wake up call to reality. But it was an awesome trip and I hope something good will come out of it :)) but about that, some other time. What was your best trip, you ever had ? Where were you, what did you do ? I wanna know, leave the comment below and let me know, 
Till next time be good,
Cherry Blossom

20 september 2010

MTV Music Awards in all dazzle ( Ladies part ) ...

... Like i promised the ladies from MTV Music Award are on. Be prepared to be dazzled and disgusted. :) As at mens part we are gonna begin with the ladies which definitely has to work on their style and introduction of themselves. 
Here we go, the three ladies which deserve the place behind the last place ... 

                       Ke$ha                                               Deena Nicole Cortese                                  Evan Rachel Wood
Ke$ha : Kesha, sweety you should really start working on your look and also look at the mirror before you go out. It looks like you are wearing a garbage bag. It doesn’t fit you properly and it looks trashy. Big no no for you. 
Deena Nicole Cortese : It looks like she sew it the last hour before the VMA’s. Her breasts are all squeezed together, layering of the dress is not nicely executed. Honey, sorry to break it to you, but this dress is more for Jersey Shore than is it for VMA’s.
Evan Rachel Wood : I am not against the print dresses, but this dress is all wrong. Its just hanging on her and it doesn’t do anything good for Evan. The dress should be more fitted, but i am gonna say, that i like the shoes. So change the dress, keep the shoes and you are good to go. :)
To next ladies, i’m not gonna say that the outfit is wrong, it is just that the outfit doesn’t fit them right. Few adjustments and the outfit would be perfect.

                     Brenda Song                                                       Gabi                                                     Florence Welch

Brenda Song : The girl is young, sweet, fashionable, like the outfit, but the only thing is that the shirt is in the wrong length. It makes her hips look bigger and it looks like she has a tummy. But we all know how tiny and skinny she is. What do you think, u like it or not ?
Gabi : Love how she is daring and even tho’ a lot of people would say this dress is inappropriate for her, because she is not the size 0, i love that she wore it anyway. I do not support size 0 models, because i think they are unhealthy and they are misleading younger girls. The only thing i have to say,she should pick a smaller size of the dress, because this one is to big for her and it doesn’t do her justice. 
Florence Welch : I am not gonna say, that i don’t like the dress, because i do, but not on her. This dress squeezed the life out of Florence. Color of the dress is to similar to color of her skin and the only thing you see is the red lips which pop out. Maybe if dress would be mix of 2 colors or in different color it would be a better choice for her. 
But we do have a winner and the only thing i can say is WTF WERE YOU THINKING  ...

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery : To you Lisa, i can only say, if i would stand at the entrance of the red carpet, you definitely wouldn't be able to come in. Case closed.

Now let’s move on to better and sweet part, because this blog is getting to long ;)
This three ladies are nicely dressed, the only thing i would change on them are the shoes. 

                       Audrina Patridge                                        Amber Lancaster                                           Katty Perry 

Audrina Patridge : The Hills star girl surprised me with a fabulous dress. I’m sorry you can’t see how great this dress is from close-up, but really its beautiful. But she should change the shoes. Gold striped shoes with lovely silver-diamond dress. She should know better. 
Amber Lancaster : Perfect dress, make-up and hair style. Just she should go more wild with choosing shoes. She has one-colored dress, she could pick any kind of shoes and also a little bit higher heel. 
Katty Perry : Awesome dress. Different, daring, nicely fitted. Again just the shoes are a no no. The stars on the shoes doesn’t really match the hole outfit and the heel could be higher. So change the shoes entirely. 
And finally the three ladies which managed to create the perfect outfit, from head to toe. 
                               Ciara                                                       Selena Gomez                                             Maria Menounos

Ciara : I adore how she can transform from a ghetto girl to a princess. Showing her long,smooth legs with a pair of nice shoes. Enough accessories, enough of everything. Perfect. 
Selena Gomez : Young, talented, lovely star which know how to combine glamour and style which is her age appropriate. The dress couldn’t fit her better. Big thumbs up for her. 
Maria Menounos : This is the perfect example for less is more. How little black dress is always the perfect choice for this kind of events. The dress looks like it was made just for Maria. The shoes, accessories and make-up are just right. 
But the star of the VMA’s is Ashley Greene ! 

Ashley Greene : Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous. 

I know the blog is a little bit long, but i just had to share the sweet ladies with you. Which one is your favorite? Do you agree with me ? What would you change on them ? Leave the comment below. :))

Till next time, 
Yours Cherry Blossom

17 september 2010

MTV Music Awards in all dazzle ( Men part ) ...

... so few days ago were eagerly-awaited  MTV Music Award and of course with that comes also the red carpet and the fashion glamour. Loved how instead of a red carpet was the white carpet. Out with the old and in with the new trends. :) 
Here are my thoughts of styles from the carpet. This year was really easy to separate stars with taste and those who lack it. Some good, some bad and some awful ;) 
Let’s do the fellows first, to relax our eyes a bit, but we’ll start with the ones who has to work a little bit more on there style to make it perfect :) 

                        Akon                                          Drake                                             Jay Sean

Akon : Don’t have problem with the style, everything fits together but he is always in black, he should try to step out of his safe zone and add some colors to his wardrobe or add some suits. I would love to see Akon in suit, i think he would look so great, wouldn’t he ?
Drake : New Canadian star, don’t have any problems with his style, unless with the shoes. What was he thinkin ? Pink tassels, really ? Drake, some stuff are for ladies only, this would include pink tassels, sorry bro.
Jay Sean : I’m just gonna say, ... sweety lose the silk scarf, you are not doin anything good to anybody.

Now lets do the perfect men, they know what to wear or they have a really good stylists ;)

                 Jesse Williams                               Justin Bieber                                 B.o.B.
Jesse Williams : He is not that famous, but he really does look fine, hmmm :P .... Those eyes, that figure, the arms ammm yup i'm lost :P, what we were talkin about, oh yeah his style is also pitch perfect, nice job Jesse. 
Justin Bieber : Lovely cute little guy, allready a heart broker ;) Even his style is awsome, have to say, he impressed me in everyway. Team JB it is, do you agree ? 
B.O.B : Love the colors which he used. It makes him even nicer as he is. Also love how he is casual but at the same time really dressy.

... But the winner is our sexy Trey. 

He deserve the winner spot, not just because he rocked the outfit on the carpet, but also because he has really great style and know what fits him well and which outfits he has to avoid. 

So this is it for now, don’t worry i didn’t forget about the ladies... they are comin soon. :))) Have to arrange pictures together, i promise is gonna be soon ;)
Till then,
Yours Cherry Blossom

14 september 2010

The feeling of Unknown ...

... Starting a new fresh chapter in my life, gonna leave the past behind and gonna go towards new and exciting adventures. Everyday is special and you have to live it like its your last. No regrets. I am really glad I’m gonna be able to take you with me on this new journey I’m takin. Of course it’s gonna be full of fashion tips, outfits of the day, halls, make-up and hair tips and everything else what i love and admire. 

Now I'm gonna leave you with this picture, because this is the place where I’m sitting at this exact moment and tryin to write my first entry of a new blog.

Till next time, 

Yours Cherry Blossom